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Storytellin Network

The Scottish Storytelling Centre and Network supports professional an community storytellers aw ower Scotland. We wirk wi pertner organisations tae pit oan a muckle braid year-roond programme o inclusive storytellin acteevities tae fowk o aw ages an backgrunds. The Centre alsae coordinates an gies a haund tae projects an foregetherins in education, health, social care, faith communities, arts an heritage, an business settins richt across the country.

The wirk o the Scottish Storytelling Centre and Network at aw times huz the fowk at its hert, and aw ootreach foregetherins an projects are tailored tae the needs, abeelities an interests o the fowk takkin pairt.

Oor wirk uphauds the conteeibution o bairns an young fowk, o auder community maimbers an o fowk whaes disabilities suidnae haud thaim back frae finndin thir wey in tae storytellin experiences; an celebrates the stories an experiences o thaim wi diverse cultural backgrunds.

The Scottish Storytelling Centre and Network is a pertnership atween twae cherities - the Scottish Storytelling Forum an the Kirk o Scotland. We are grant-aided bae Creative Scotland an the City of Edinburgh Council. Howivver, oor wirk depends oan cheritable giein an the support o oor maimbers. Please gie a thowt tae makking a donation tae the Scottish Storytelling Forum, or lea a legacy tae alloo the Network an Centre's wirk tae growe.

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