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Storytellin in Education

Young girl enjoying a storytelling session as part of s school trip to the Scottish Storytelling Centre

Acteeive lairnin an creativity are at the hert o storytellin.

Storytellin develops a pickle skills an can be yaised tae meet a wheen o ootcomes in the Curriculum fur Excellence.

Storytelling develops a love o language and vocabulary. It upsteers creetical literacy an an awaureness o how tae contreebute in the richt wey an tae value ither fowk's contreebutions. Listenin tae stories provides a lowpin-oan-board fur acteeve play an creativity, that inspires thaim tae mak up thir ain stories. Bairns can ‘play’ wi stories yaisin different media, includin creative writin, drama, music, movement, dance, veesual art an craft acteevities.

Raigularly engagin wi storytellin an story-makkin acteevities in the clessroom kinnles a culture o communication, confidence, collaboration, unnerstaundin an respect. The content o the stories micht lead tae cless discussions aboot the characters an the consequences o thir actions. Storytellin is parteecularly guid fur supportin bairns durin times o cheynge, an can be yaised tae deek intae sensitive maitters, sich as bullyin.

Storytellin an story-makking help teachers tae meet:

  • Literacy across lairnin
  • Literacy & Inglish
  • Health an Weelbein across lairnin.

It can alsae be yaised as tools tae support leairnin in ither airts, sich as coontin an science, an can lead oan tae cross-curricular an inter-depairtmental collaborations.

Storytellin is thirlin, sperkin bairns tae lairn. It alsae kinnles an interest an skills in writing an readin. We huv a netwirk o professional storytellers that can veesit nursery, primary, saicondary an SEN scuils. Deek at oor Directory tae finnd oot mair aboot professional storytellers in yer airt. (Page in Inglish)

Please contact Mairi McFadyen or caw  0131 652 3272 (Inglish) fur mair information oan education, trainin an CPD opportunities.

Storytelling Resources

Here you can find links to free websites that offer a bank of stories/songs/story resources appropriate to different topics and areas of the curriculum as well as tips and ideas on how teachers can support each other in the development of their storytelling skills.

Storytelling Support NetworkScotland's StoriesScotland's Songs

Book a storyteller

We have over 100 professional storytellers in our Directory. You can search for a storyteller according to geographical area and/or their age-group specialty. For more information about our Directory and our storytellers please contact Mairi.

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