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The Art o Storytellin

Storytellin is a yin o a kind human skill shared atween fowk, an yin o oor auldest artfoarms. It brings words an the world tae life thegither, kinnles the furfancie, an builds a sense o community atween tellers an listeners.

Storyteller Mio Shapley. Credit Solen Collet.

Image of two women sharing stories.Aboot Storytellin

Stories are ivveriewhar – in newspapers, books, oan TV an the internet. Ilka day conversation is ful o anecdotes an real life stories.

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Scottish Storytelling Network

The Scottish Storytelling Network gethers thegither tradeetion beirers, professional storytellers, storytellin practeetioners an awbodie else interestit in storytellin. Thair are the noo ower Twae-Hunder an Fifty maimbers foarmin a fantoosh tapestry o creativity an talent shoomin wi guid notions an storytellin foregetherins.

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Image of an ourdoor storytelling event at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Storytellin Ootreach

We pit oan a muckle braid programme o inclusive storytellin acteevities tae fowk o aw ages an backgrunds.

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Young school girls enjoying a storytelling session at the Scottish Storytelling Centre

Storytellin in Education

Acteeve lairnin an creativity are at the hert o storytellin. Finnd oot how storytellin can develop skills an meet multiple ootcomes in the Curriculum fur Excellence.

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Image of Storytelling Court. Credit Solen Collet.

Scottish Storytelling Centre

The Scottish Storytelling Centre is a hotterin arts hame sut oan The Royal Mile in the hert o Embra’s Auld Toon. Enjoay live storytellin, theatre, music, exhibitions, faimlie events an wirkshops an finnd oot Scotland’s rich story heritage.

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Bogle through oor collection o storytellin, music, sang an dance resources an dook deep intae the richness o Scotland's geylike heritage.

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Scottish International Storytelling Festival

A ten-day celebration o live storytellin, oral tradeetions an cultural diversity that gethers thegither Scottish an international storytellers an musicians in October.

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