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Scottish Storytelling Forum

Image of storytellers at the launch of the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

Storytellin huz flourished in Scotland ower hunders o years an is enjoayin a richt upsook in modren times. Tradeetional storytellin caiirrys oan in Gaelic an Hiehlan culture, in the Scottish Traiveller wey o life, in oot o the wey Scots communities, an in urban communities that live bae 'word o mooth'. Thir brittle tradeetions repraisent a livin cultural ecology that huz the pooer tae inspire oor modren society. Yin o the Scottish Storytelling Forum's jobes is tae keep an growe thir tradeetions.

The Scottish Storytelling Forum wus foondit in Nineteen-Ninety-Twae tae upsteer an gie a haund tae the tellin an sharin o stories amang aw age groups an aw pairts o society, parteecularly thaim that, fur reasons o lack o siller or disability, are at times kept awa frae artistic experiences.

The upsook o storytellin is behauden tae tradeetion beirers whae huv through the guidness o thir herts shared thir art. Storytellin is noo streetchin oot tae aw age groups an pairts o oor society in new weys tae celebrate oor common humanity.

As we come up tae the year Twae-Thoosand, the Scottish Storytelling Forum went intae pertnership wi the Kirk o Scotland tae transfoarm The Netherbow Arts Centre oan The Royal Mile intae a purpose built Storytellin Centre. This wirk wus feenished in Twae-Thoosand an Six, giein the Scottish Storytelling Centre and Network a national an international hub, an a beacon fur its aims an values.

In pertnership wi the Scottish Storytelling Centre an Network, the Forum aims tae:

  • gie ilka bairn in Scotland the experience o live storytellin
  • recognise, upsteer an train storytellers in ilka community
  • uphaud the Scottish Storytelling Centre as a national an international resource an inspiration
  • tae mak auld tradeetions an values flourish in new weys

The Scottish Storytelling Network of Forum maimbers bide no jist in Scotland but huz raxed oot tae include maimbers aw ower the world, pittin oot links wi storytellin communities frae a wheen o tradeetions an cultures.

Fur mair information oan the Scottish Storytelling Forum or the Scottish Storytelling Network please email Davide Panzeri or caw 0131 652 3272 (Inglish).

International pertnerships

Oor network raxes aw ower the world, wi oor storytellers gaein tae festivals an takkin pairt in projects in plisses as ferr flung as Singapore, Norway, Australia an India. We tak a haunds-oan role in creatin an upsteerin pertnerships across the global storytellin netwirk and are prood tae be able tae welcome some of the brawest international storytellers tae oor Centre in Embra.

Oor annual Scottish International Storytelling Festival deeks oan a different international theme ilka year, an gies valuable opportunities tae storytellers frae different cultures an backgrunds tae come thegither an share stories, ideas, nories an weys o gaun aboot things.

The Scottish Storytelling Forum is pairt o the Federation of European Storytelling (FEST), a European netwirk o organisations an associations acteeve in the airt o storytellin. This netwirk, organised through different threids o acteevities, wants tae straingthen storytellin in Europe bae offerin mechanisms fur sharin, lairnin, advocacy an relationship buildin.

Become a Netwirk Maimber

Y'll git discoonts oan trainin wirkshops, git access tae the Scottish Storytelling Centre's support services an be at the hert o storytellin development in Scotland.

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