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Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland

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Deek through oor database o tradeetional arts resources, saiparitit intae fower main pairts: dance, music, sang an storytellin. We hae transcripts o tales, scores o music, dance instructions an video an audio files, the resources reenge frae simple yin-page pdfs tae in-depth essays, as weel as cleeks tae ootside wabsites haudin relatit resources.

The aim is tae pit thegither as comprehensive an archive as possible o Scotland’s tradeetional arts, withoot takkin oniethin that is awriddie oot there oan the wab. If ye hae a resource that ye wud like tae gie uz, or ken o resources awriddie available that ye think we suid be pointin oot, please email

Ye can finnd the database here. It is in Inglish an the maist o the resources are in Inglish, but we welcome submissions in Scots an Gaelic as weel, wi a translation in Inglish.