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Jine the TMF

Be pairt o it!

The Traditional Music Forum hus thrie main aims:

Tae be:

  • vocal
  • veesible
  • an valuable

We wirk cheek bae jowl wi Creative Scotland as a key resource fur information an advice oan Scottish tradeetional music o ilka kinnd. We aim tae represent as braid a reenge o tradeetional music organisations in Scotland as possible an tae lobby fur things that maitter tae oor maimbers. We want tae exchange information, mak new contacts, pit oan support fur yin anither, upsook lairnin, an advocate Scottish tradeetional music tae government, local cooncil fowk an ither public institutions.

The mair organisations that jine uz, the looder an stronger oor voice. Sae why suid ye jine?

Promotion – the TMF hus an acteeve communications policy that means we are aye lettin maimbers, offeecial bodies, an the public ken aboot oor maimbers’ acteevities an foregetherins through social media, newsletters, the blog an news page oan oor website, the general media, an onie ither wey that's needit..

Finnd oot whit’s gaun oan – the TMF aims tae mak a hub fur information aboot whit’s gaun oan in the tradeetional music airt an beyond, keepin oor finger oan the pulse o Scottish music an cultural policy.

Be representit – the TMF is seen as an important voice fur tradeetional music.

Mak some noize – mak yer cawin-caird in the airt bigger an mak shair fowk ken whae ye are. Bae takkin pairt through the blog an pittin in organisation profiles tae oor newsletter, ye can growe yer veesibility an mak shair yer voice is valued.

Mak alliances – come tae oor netwirkin foregetherins an build excitin collaborations wi ither fowk wirkin in yer airt o interest.

Talk tae yin  anither – we huv a central platfoarm fur the like-mindit music groups in Scotland tae git in touch wi yin anither. How no pit oan a folk club exchange? Or swap notions aboot the maist effective weys tae highlicht yer foregetherins? Or pool resources?


Maimbership is open tae organisations wirkin in the airt o tradeetional music in Scotland an costs twintie pound a year (rinning July-July).

Whin ye jine ye’ll be pit oan oor mailin list sae ye can git oor Newsletter.

Please fill in the oanline Membership Form (page in Inglish). Ye wull then git an invoice (in the post) thegither wi peyment instructions

As a Maimber ye can advertise yer events fur fowk tae deek oan the calendar via the website, an access the library - a source o TMF documents, reports an relevant publications in oor field. We’ll promote ye in oor newsletter, an ye can pit intae the blog.

We’ll alsae git thegither wi ye oan Twitter an Facebook tae mak shair we can stert tae promote ye. Mind an keep uz abreist o whit ye’re up tae, though!