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Directory o Storytellers

Oor Directory o Storytellers craws ower a Hunder-an-Forty professional storytellers frae aw ower Scotland, aw o which are professionals an depend tae some amoont oan storytellin fur thir livelihood. Aw storytellers merked doon in the directory can be snecked fur storytelling sessions an wirkshops through the Centre an are alsae eligible fur subsidy through the Live Literature Fund (LLF) scheme, admeenistered by Scottish Book Trust.

Ye can yaise the search functionality here (page in Inglish) tae finnd the richt storyteller fur yer event. The map tab wull help ye finnd storyellers bae airt, but mind that stotytellers are in maist cases happy tae traivel ootside the airt they stey in, jist git in touch wi thaim tae check. Aw storytellers are freelance artists an dinnae wirk fur the Storytelling Centre, but maistlie gaun alang wi oor recommended fees which ye can finnd here (page in Inglish).

If ye need help in finddin a storyteller fur yer foregetherin or want tae gaun ower a project insnorlin yin or mair storytellers, please contact Davide oan 0131 652 3272 or email (Inglish).