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Board and Staff


Fiona Dalgetty (Interim Chair): Chief Executive Officer, Fèis Rois, an freelance musician.

Richard Ward (Secretary): Aberdeen solicitor an Chair, Scottish Culture an Tradeetions.

Kay Thomson (Treasurer): Chair, TMSA.

Andrew Bachell: Organiser, Blackford Fiddlers, Perth an Kinross.

Eberhard ‘Paddy’ Bort: Organiser, Edinburgh Folk Club an the Wee Folk Club.

Dr Joshua Dickson: Heid of Scottish Music, Royal Conservatoire o Scotland.

Iain Fraser: Senior Tutor, Merlin Academy o Music, Melrose.

Katch Holmes: Director, Knockengorroch Festival, Dumfries an Galloway.

Lorna McLaren: Tradworks, Aberdeenshire.

Carol Main: Director, Live Music Now Scotland.

Prof. Ian Russell: Director, Elphinstone Institute, University of Aberdeen.

Simon Thoumire: Director Hands up for Trad, Footstompin Records.


David Francis (Executive Officer P/T): tradeetional arts activist, musician, sangwriter.

Charlotte Hathaway (Communications Assistant P/T)