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Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland (TRACS) is a new organisation set up in Twintie-Twall tae repraisent tradeetional arts in Scotland. It's a new collaboration atween thrie representative Forums: the Traditional Music Forum, the Scottish Storytelling Forum an the newly foondit Traditional Dance Forum of Scotland. 

The first aim o TRACS is CREATIVE: tae upsteer mair collaboration across the art-foarms an different tongues. The tradeetions we enjoay are holistic, inclusive an welcomin. Sae let’s be inspired bae thae ruitit values tae newfangle an growe across boondaries.

The saicant aim is ORGANISATIONAL: tae share core resources in airts sich as admin an publicity, sae as tae mak shair the richt communication an promotion fur tradeetional arts acteevities. We cud pit forrit oor collective traisures o artists, festivals/fèisean an local tradeetions wi mair virr tae oor cultural an economic benefit.

The third aim is DEVELOPMENTAL: tae argie fur mair support fur tradeetional arts, tae build pertnerships wi ither arts organisations, wi education an wi airts o Scottish life that can benefit frae tradeetional arts resources an acteevities.

Traditional Music Forum

The TMF is a network of around 80 music organisations supporting Scotland’s vibrant traditional music community.

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Scottish Storytelling Forum

The Scottish Storytelling Forum wus foondit in Nineteen-Ninety-Twae tae upsteer an gie a haund tae the tellin an sharin o stories amang aw age groups an aw pairts o society.

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Traditional Dance Forum of Scotland

The TDFS is a new forum tae pit thegither tae spreid the word an celebrate the muckle reenge o Scottish tradeetional dance an ither relatit tradeetional an social dance foarms in Scotland.

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