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John Knox Hoose: Step In Tae History

'Beautiful historic medieval beauty' (TripAdvisor)

Daunder in the fuisteps o its weel-kent indwallers an hear the drama unfauld in ilka room. Luik oot fur the ploys an traps tae swick interlowpers; bogle aroond fur the divil hidit in The Oak Room ceilin an try yer haund at oor portrait puzzle that huz flummoxed monie veesitors in the past.

John Knox Hoose dates back tae Fowerteen-Seeventie, makkin it the only oreeginal medieval buildin left staunin in Embra. The hoose is cleeked wi yin o the maist dramatic an trauchlin times in Scottish History - The Scottish Reformation - that seen aboot the ootbreak o ceevil war an the abdication o Mary, Queen of Scots.

Atho John Knox didnae stey in this hoose fur verra lang afore heez daith in Fifteen-Seeventie-Twae, it wus heez cleek wi the hoose that saved it frae bein cawed doon in the Echteen-Fowerties. Durin a dig at the hoose time-kists wur funnd buried in the gable waw o the hoose tae merk the time the buildin wus saved. Yin o thir time kists is oan show in the windae o oor bookshop.

James Mosman - jeweller an gowdsmith tae Mary, Queen o Scots - steyed in the hoose in the Fifteen-Hunders till hae wus pit tae daith in Fifteen-Seeventie-Thrie. Hae wus gey leal tae Queen Mary an wus pairt o the ‘Queen’s Men’ whae cleeked Embra Castle in an attempt tae pit Mary back oan the throne efter hir forced abdication in favour o hir protestant son James VI. Bogle aroond the hoose tae finnd oot the fate o James Mossman.

Audio Guide
Oor audio guide (in Inglish) is only £1 an fair brings the buildin tae life. It points oot braw pairts o the buildin ye wud itherwise miss an lets ye ken stories aboot past indwallers gaun oans in the hoose. Written translations o oor audio guide in German an Italian are tae be hud at reception.


Or if ye want tae tak it a step ferther, experience yin o the Centre's bespoke tours o John Knox Hoose an the surroondin Netherbow airt, which is stowed tae the gunnels wi interestin historical facts an tales. 

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John Knox Hoose General Admission

Adult - £5.00
Concession - £4.00
Bairns ower 7- £1.00
airns ablow 7- Nae chairge

Opening times:
Monday- Seturday 10am-6pm
The Hoose is open oan Sundays frae 12pm - 6pm in July an August

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