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Welcome tae the hame o Scotland's stories

A hotterin arts hame, a braw meeting plus an a yin-o-kin venue steeped in Scottish culture.

The Scottish Storytelling Centre is a hotterin arts hame wi a seasonal programme of live storytellin, theatre, music, exhibitions, wirkshops, faimlie foregetherins, an festivals. We are the hame o twae festivals: TradFest, a tradeetional arts festival that taks pliss in the spring, an the Scottish International Storytelling Festival in the October. We’re alsae a host venue for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and ither excitin cultural programmes aw the year roond. We’re a braw meetin pliss whar ye can tak in Scotland’s weel-gethert story heritage. In the Storytelling Coort ye'll finnd an interacteeve Storywaw that bairns (an aulder yins!) enjoay boglin aboot in. See if ye can finnd Greyfriars Bobby; cleek the puddock; meet Nessie, the Gruffalo an Wee Wullie Winkie; an unhap tradeetional Scottish tales. Tuckit roond the corner ye can listen tae wee bitties frae Embra’s maist weel-kent storyteller, Robert Louis Stevenson, an we aye huv a free exhibition hingin oan oor waw. Swap yer ain stories in the Café ower some mooth-witterin hame bakin an braw coffee. Huv a wee deek in oor bookshop in the medieval luckenbooths o John Knox House an see if ye can finnd oor dragon’s nest an time-kist hidit among the books. Snecked tae the Scottish Storytelling Centre is John Knox House, makkin a yin-o-a-kin venue that rowes in modren design wi medieval architecture. Bogle through this museum tae lairn aboot yin o the maist trauchlin times in Scottish History. The Scottish Storytelling Centre is alsae the Heidquarters o the Scottish Storytelling Network which offers its maimbers thir ain wey in tae development foregetherins; discoonts oan oor wirkshops an Courses; an a helpin haund an advice on professional weys o gittin oan.

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Veesit oor Centre Events page to deek at oor foregetherins an sneck yer tickets. (Page in Inglish).

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We huv ower yin hunder professional storytellers in oor Directory. Ye can deek fur a storyteller accoardin tae the airt they bide in an/or thir age-group specialty. If ye want tae ken mair aboot oor Directory an oor storytellers please git in touch.(Inglish only).

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