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Scottish Storytelling Centre

Welcome tae the hame o Scotland's stories

The Scottish Storytelling Centre is a cantie arts hame sut oan Embra's Royal Mile. We huv live storytellin, theatre, music, exhibitions, faimilie foregetherins an wirkshops happenin aw year roond. Veesit uz tae unhap Scotland’s braw story heritage, finnd oor dragon’s nest, enjoay oor storywaw or jist tak yer ease in oor venue an drook in the atmosphere.

Let’s stert a new story thegither.

'a place dedicated to the fine art of telling stories. And it is fabulous.' 
(Edd McCracken, Book Riot)

John Knox Hoose

Wheech yersel back tae yin o the maist trauchlin times in Scottish history which forced Mary Queen o Scots tae gie up the throne.

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The Venue

Modren design meets medieval architecture. Bogle roond the nooks and crannies o oor biggin an unhap some traisures hidit alang the wey.

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Image for Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland


Noo hoosed at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland (TRACS) draws thegither Scotland's perfoarmance tradeetions – storytellin, music and dance - in ablow a new umbrellae.

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The Scottish International Storytelling Festival rins frae Fri 24 October tae Sun 2 November. Gallivant, unhap an drook yersel in the magic o storytellin fur 10 days in Embra.

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'The story is telt ee tae ee, mind tae mind, hert tae hert.'

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Image of Violin. Credit Ros Gasson.

Tradeetional Music

'music with all kinds o beauty, expressiveness, meaning, and, above all, potential.'John McGrath

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Image of Traditional Dancing in the Storytelling Court. Credit Davide Panzeri.

Tradeetional Dance

Vigorous, licht, blithe, champin, elevatin, hotterin, dirlin, perjink. Scotland is lowpin wi tradeetional dance.

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Scottish International Storytelling Festival

Celebrate the creative cleeks atween live crack an pliss in a 10-day clamjamfrie o storytellin an culture.

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