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Descendit frae kenspeckled forebeirers sich as the Edinburgh People's Festival an the Edinburgh International Folk Festival, TradFest embraces aw the fowk arts, pittin thegither the richt foondin material wi a modren slant, passion an flerr.

As Scotland's capital, Embra weirs monie fizzogs, but wi TradFest, Auld Reekie celebrates its identity as a shoomin skep o cultural tradeetion, stravaigin the closes, streets, coortyairds, cafes, arts centres, concert haws, eatin-hooses an pubs o R.L. Stevenson's 'precipitous city'. The festival sees the Auld Toon come tae life, highlichtin how it wus made fur cantie getherins. Fur ower twall days the city is a shoomin skep o music, sang, storytellin, dance, crafts, fowk drama and environmental celebrations fur Mayday/Beltane. Fawin at the tradeetional stert o the summer, TradFest blaws the hoarn oan a seasonal wave o festivals the length o Scotland raxin through to the autumn.

TradFest brings Scotland's arts o tradeetion intae the heert o the capital city, layin oan somethin fur indwallers an veesitors, auld an young, artists an audiences, professionals an community acteevists - an aw o thaim thegither. Storytellin, music, sang, dance an tradeetional crafts rowe in wi yin anither, gaein thegither lik it yissed tae be in the aulden days, takkin in open airms baith Scots an Gaelic an at the feenish up pittin oan an integratit cultural experience fur aw likes an ages.

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