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Scottish International Storytelling Festival


Aboot the Storytellin Festival
The Scottish International Storytelling Festival (SISF) is a 10 day celebration o live storytellin, oral tradeetions an cultural diversity, bringin thegither a wheen o Scottish an ferther afield storytellers an musicians.

The Festival taks pliss in an aroond Embra. The foremaist venue is the Netherbow Theatre at the Storytellin Centre oan the Royal Mile, the hert o Embra's Auld Toon, an pertner events tak pliss in tow wi monie ither cultural organisations in Embra, Glesgie an Scotland.

The programme is pit thegither in a pattren o different events includin  storytellin events at nicht fur adults, faimile an bairn's events, pertner venue events, wirkshops, talks & lectures, exhibitions, netwirkin an professional development events. The programme alsae includes ‘Festival on Tour’, takkin stories an storytellers tae different Scottish airts an islands.

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival is inspired bae the Scottish ceilidh tradeetion an its sense o thegitherness, a community getherin ful o tales, anecdotes, music, sangs an ballads.

Storytellin is no a foarm o theatre. Audiences expect tae be pit at thir ease tae enjoy a braw mixter-maxter o stories an music. The furfancie o the audience is at the thick o the perfoarmance an is whit maks the richt storytellin experience. Atho ilka event huz a structure, thair wull aye be an informal an improvised element tae the perfoarmance, which is the beauty o live storytellin events.

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