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Scottish International Storytelling Festival

A ten-day celebration o live storytellin, oral tradeetions an cultural diversity, getherin thegither a wheen o Scottish an international storytellers an musicians. The Festival taks pliss in an aroond Embra. The main venue is the Netherbow Theatre at the Scottish Storytellin Centre oan the Royal Mile, the hert o Embra's Auld Toon. Pertner venues include the National Museum of Scotland, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, the National Library of Scotland an monie ither cultural organisations in Embra, Glesgie an Scotland.

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Storytelling Festival Audience

TradFest Edinburgh • Dùn Èideann

TradFest Edinburgh • Dùn Èideann celebrates tradeetional culture – live! A dirlin multi-arts programme showcasin tradeetional music, sang, dance, craft, storytellin, ootdoor foregetherins an fowk drama in Scotland's Capital.

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Storytelling Guests

Storytelling CentreImage of the outside of the Scottish Storytelling Centre

The Scottish Storytelling Centre is a hotterin arts hame sut in the hert o Embra an is hame tae the Scottish International Storytelling Festival an TradFest.

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Young Girl telling a story to her peers.Jine Oor Festival Mailin List

Sign up tae oor Scottish International Storytelling Festival mailin list tae be the first tae ken aboot events, special offers an festival information.

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Tradeetional Arts an Culture Scotland gethers thegither Scotland's perfoarmance tradeetions – storytellin, music an dance - ablow a new umberellae.

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Image of at Storyteller. Credit Solen Collet

Aboot Storytellin

'The story is telt ee tae ee, mind tae mind, hert tae hert.' Storytellin is yin o oor auldest artfoarms an is huvin a upsook at the praisent time.

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Image for Traditional Music. Credit Ros Gasson

Tradeetional Music

'Music with all kinds of beauty, expressiveness, meaning, and, above all, potential.' John McGrath

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Image of Scottish Country Dancing in the Storytelling Court.

Tradeetional Dance

Dae ye ken the difference atween Ceilidh, Cape Breton Step Dancin, Scottish Country Dancin an Hielan Dancin?

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