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Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland

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Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland is an artistic an educational cherity, foondit as Scottish Charity 043009.

TRACS puls thegither thrie netwirks o artists an cultural organisations in a collaborative comin thegither designed tae improve the knowledge an practice o Scotland’s tradeetional art foarms in the modren world. Thir netwirks are the Traditional Music Forum, the Scottish Storytelling Forum an the Traditional Dance Forum of Scotland.

TRACS at praisent bides at, an wirks in close unnerstaunin wi, the Scottish Storytelling Centre. The Centre is a pertnership project atween the Scottish Storytelling Forum (SC020891) an the Kirk o Scotland (SC011353) which owns the buildins oan the Royal Mile frae which the Centre praisently wirks oot o.

Aw o the organisations rowed up in this wirk want tae see Scotland’s culture as a livin an gaun-aheid resource fur aw Scotland’s fowk, regairdless o age, cless, gender, race or oreegin.

The foondin patron o the Scottish Storytelling Centre is George Mackay Brown, the Orkney poet an storyteller, whae is celebratit wi a memorial windae. Alsae mindit in an aroond the Centre are twae ither key feegurs: the pioneer ecologist an cultural acteevist, Patrick Geddes; an the poet, fowklorist an sang makker, Hamish Henderson, whae inspired Scotland’s twintieth century fowk upsook.