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New survey showcases Edinburgh Festivals as cultural and economic powerhouses

The largest programme of research undertaken into Edinburgh's twelve major Festivals confirms their far-reaching impact on local life, the international reputation of the city and the economy.

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What makes a good ghost story?

Inspired by a writing challenge that, 200 years ago, resulted in the creation of Frankenstein and the world's first vampire, the National Library of Scotland and Scottish Storytelling Centre are holding a

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Bunworth Banshee by Thomas Crofton Croker

Historical Literary Challenge Sparks Call for Spine-tingling Storytelling

A writing challenge issued 200 years ago that resulted in the creation of Frankenstein’s monster and the world’s first vampire is being used to inspire a modern generation to pen new tales that terrify.

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Six questions with... Amanda MacLean

Both a singer and a writer, Amanda MacLean combines two passions in The Flax Flower, a novel based on one of Scotland's greatest ballads.

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