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James Brown is Annie

Q&A: James Brown is Annie

Barry Gordon, JBiA guitarist, answers some quick questions ahead of the gig tomorrow evening at the Biscuit Factory, which promises

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The People's Heritage

The People’s Heritage: Face To Face With History in Unique Storytelling Events

Come hear Coconut Tam's famous cry selling coconuts and meet some of Edinburgh’s greatest historical and fictional characters in a specially commissioned programme for TradFest in the

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Dalkeith Primary Pupils Take Centre Stage at TradFest’s Braw Nicht Oot

Celebrating Scots and Creative Engagement at Edinburgh’s Traditional Culture Festival, pupils from a primary school in Dalkeith join the event to continue advocating storytelling as a key part of learning, with teachers equally enthused by the engagement created by the artform.

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Performers Unite for TradFest First

Performers from four countries who have made Edinburgh their home will appear in two joint events at The Biscuit Factory and the Scottish Storytelling Centre as part of the twelve-day traditional arts showcase, TradFest.

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Q&A: Kaela Rowan Band

Kaela answers a few quick questions ahead of the band’s performance at TradFest What does the Kaela Rowan Band have planned for 2017? 2017 is going to be a really interesting year for myself and the Kaela Rowan Band, with some great gigs. 

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