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Event Horizon

Q&A: Géza Frank, Event Horizon

What does Event Horizon have planned for 2017?

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Q&A: Georgiana Keable, Salmon Fairytale

Ahead of Salmon Fairytale at the Scottish Storytelling Centre on the 29th of April, Georgiana Keable, one of the performers, gives us some background on the show and their influences.

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Redwood Mountain

Q&A: Dean Owens, Redwood Mountain: Transatlantic Crossings

Tell us about your collaboration, Redwood Mountain, and your plans for 2017?

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Q&A: Lynne Campbell, Songs & Stories of Scotland

Lynne Campbell, storyteller and singer, presents Songs & Stories of Scotland at the Scottish Storytelling Centre on the 27th of April.

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TradFest 2017 Events

TradFest Hitlist: Top Tips from Staff

The countdown is on – with only three weeks to go, find out what those involved in bringing the Festival together have their eye on from the rich programme.

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