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Q&A: Kaela Rowan Band

Kaela answers a few quick questions ahead of the band’s performance at TradFest What does the Kaela Rowan Band have planned for 2017? 2017 is going to be a really interesting year for myself and the Kaela Rowan Band, with some great gigs. 

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Story Blanket

Q&A: Suit and Pace, Story Blanket

Tell us about your show?

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Wayward Jane

Q&A: Wayward Jane

Tell us about your band, Wayward Jane, and your plans for 2017?

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Q&A: 3Troubadours: Mobile Dreams

Tell us about your show, 3Troubadours: Mobile Dreams.

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Q&A: Brina, Jamaica Sings Robert Burns

Tell us about your Jamaica Sings collaboration and plans for 2017

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