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Image for Festival Fright Night at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. Credit Yugen Puppet Company.

The Festival Finale Fright Night

Put down those plastic brooms and come have a real Hallowe’en celebration at the Scottish Storytelling Centre on Sunday 27th October, and bring the Scottish Int

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Image of Toto Tales, I knew a man called Livingstone.

Exploring Africa with Dr David Livingstone

Dr David Livingstone spent 30 years in Africa spreading the word of Christianity, denouncing slavery, introducing new forms of health care and education, improving trade links and discovering previously unknown natural wonders.

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Image of Andy Cannon for the SISF Scottish Explorers Article.

What do you know about the great Scottish explorers?

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Image of Young Storytellers

Fancy being the hero of the story?

On Tuesday 29 October, storyteller Tim Porteus is taking our Tell-a-Story Day campaign to the extreme.

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SISF Logo 2013

Scottish International Storytelling Festival Launch

Uncovering Scotland’s Global Legacy: Friday 18 – Sunday 27 October 2013

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