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What You Mummering On About?

Old traditions reinvented for the 21st century - find out about this community art before taking part in the fantastic mummering opportunities this May Day weekend

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MacColl and Lomax

Centenary Celebrations for Folk Royalty MacColl and Lomax

As song collectors, musicians, political activists, and folk revivalists, Ewan MacColl and Alan Lomax each played critical roles in the British folk revival of the mid-20th century.

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Troubled Fields and The Lyrical Heart

Broadcaster and singer/songwriter Frieda Morrison invites you to a concert with a difference as a unique blend of music and song is showcased alongside a special folk film.

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TradFest Staff

TradFest - Events We Can't Wait For

The TradFest programme is full of fantastic events to tickle your traditional tastes.

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