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SISF Showcase Receives Double CATS Awards Nomination

A production that came to fruition through the Scottish International Storytelling Festival and involved a year of tale gathering from Scotland is up for two awards at the Prestigious

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6 Questions with Southern Tenant Folk Union

Acclaimed and award-winning Edinburgh based roots collective Southern Tenant Folk Union take their

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6 Questions with Mollie O'Brien

Grammy Award winner Mollie O'Brien became known to the rest of the world as a singer's singer when, in 1988, she and her brother Tim released the first of three critically-acclaimed albums for Sugar Hill Records.

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6 Questions with Twelfth Day

Esther Swift – likened to

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6 Questions with Salt House

Salt House bassist Euan Burton gave us a bit of insight into this Acoustic quartet which combines four distinct musical minds creating grassroots folk with contemporary influences.

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