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10 New Encounters - Storytelling at TradFest 2018

Storytelling knows no boundaries, it takes us on a journey beyond existing facts or knowledge, it revives what is forgotten or past, it engages what surrounds us and teaches us something new. It’s the perfect gateway into Intangible Heritage.

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One Week Countdown - TradFest Recommends!

With less than one week to go until the Opening Concert of this year’s TradFest, it is high time we asked the people involved in the festival what they are gearing up to see!

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TradFest 2018: Q&A with Nic Gareiss - Music from an imaginary place!

The 29th of April is International Dance Day and we had the pleasure to speak to Nic Gareiss, percussive dancer and musician of the Swedish-Irish-Canadian quartet This is How we Fly!

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Mara Menzies at Guid Crack

Guid Crack Returns to Waverley Bar

Edinburgh’s Guid Crack Storytelling sessions began at the Waverley in the late eighties. That was when the Scottish International Storytelling Festival was also starting up, and there was a need for a spot where local talent could develop and shine.

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Wee Folk Tales Illustrated

Kristín Linnet from the University of Edinburgh’s School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures spoke to artist Annalisa Salis about her forthcoming exhibition Storie di terra at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.  

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