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Q&A: Ingried Boussaroque, Journey to Alba

Tell us about your show, Journey to Alba. It's a tale about islands, mostly Montreal (Canada) and Barra (Scotland), about the winding musical path that brought me from one to the other, about Quebec and Scottish culture, etc. 

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Psalmboat at Sea

Gaelic Psalmboat Tradition comes to TradFest

'Their psalms brought healing to these waters, mending cracks each vessel's wake had made  through narrow bays and inlets.' (Psalm-Boat, Donald S. Murray) 

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Q&A: Connla

From Best New Group "The Livies" at Live Ireland Music Awards 2016, Conor from Connla answers some quick questions ahead of the bands gig at Summerhall this evening. What does Connla have planned for 2017?

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James Brown is Annie

Q&A: James Brown is Annie

Barry Gordon, JBiA guitarist, answers some quick questions ahead of the gig tomorrow evening at the Biscuit Factory, which promises

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The People's Heritage

The People’s Heritage: Face To Face With History in Unique Storytelling Events

Come hear Coconut Tam's famous cry selling coconuts and meet some of Edinburgh’s greatest historical and fictional characters in a specially commissioned programme for TradFest in the

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