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Freedom and Faith

Donald Smith

Donald Smith, director of the innovative Scottish Storytelling Centre, is the most creative person in Scotland working at the interface between Church, society and the arts. This informed, mature and inspiring reflection deserves to become essential reading for anyone with an interest in the shaping of a new Scotland at this turbulent and exciting time in the nation's History and Local Interest.' -- Ron Ferguson 'Scotland's 'quiddity' has always been bound up with its religious practices in relation to culture, landscape, politics and internationalism. Covering the chequered story up to the present day, Smith looks to the possible future if Scotland becomes independent. He asks how we can live in relationship with 'the divine sources of life itself', in a participatory way, affirming human dignity, self-worth and wellbeing. Smith believes that the continuing divinity and generosity of the Holy Spirit will work to bring the change and renewal we are seeking.' -- Tessa Ransford These pages are full of freshness. There is a keen sense of clean air blowing through them. The book totally lacks stuffiness. It will fascinate, enlighten and encourage anyone currently engaged in Christian life and work in Scotland - and there are hundreds of thousands of us.' -- Harry Reid 'This is a really clear and accessible summary of Scottish History and Local Interest, politics and culture as well as religion - a great resource to inform and stimulate discussion during the independence debate, and beyond.' -- Lesley Orr