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A Traveller in Two Worlds Vol 1

David Campbell

Traveller in Two Worlds is the enigmatic biography of Scottish storyteller Duncan Williamson. Catriona Murray affirmed that, 'Not everyone knew of Duncan's third marriage, to David Campbell.' Campbell traces their 'marriage' through their capers and quarrels. He uses his astute knowledge to open the door to Williamson's captivating 'other' world crammed with anecdotes, folklore and memories. The narrative chronicles Williamson's life from a wee 'tinker' boy to the celebrated author. Campbell cheekily captivates through stories of the wee tyke pinching stories from his granny's pocket, run-ins with the law, and injects escapades of other literary royalty, such as Hugh McDiarmid and Norman MacCaig. The tales of Duncan Williamson are charmingly transcribed, using authentic tape recordings, in easily comprehensible Scottish vernacular. Interspersed among the tales are riddles, poems and memoirs from those who knew Williamson.