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Blethers Archive

Here you can download all past issues of our six-monthly magazine Blethers in pdf format. Blethers is published by TRACS and aims to showcase projects and initiatives by traditional artists in Scotland and further afield. It also includes reflective articles on the traditional arts and aims to foster debate within the storytelling, music, song and dance communities. If you want to submit an article for publication in Blethers, please contact Donald

Blethers 14 - Spring 2007

Making the Connections - New Training Programme will offer greater opportunities / Simply the Best / Storytelling Goes Global: Centre welcomes world interest / A Gaelic 'first' for writer Martin / Witches and Wizards at Auchendrain / Children fare well as Aberdeen Bus puts readers on the right route / Gift from Orkney takes pride of place as poet and patron is honoured / Colin puts storytelling at the top of the class / Capital inspiration for Irish Guests as Festival formula proves a winner / Gosia gets Weaving / Major study of support for storytelling / Deacon Brodie‘s ‘ghost’ links old and new in the High Street / Leading team at the helm / Turn over a new leaf: Book here for stories and songs / Grandma’s pipe proves popular pick for Peter / Beasts in the Park

Blethers 13 - Autumn 2006

Joyous day as Scotland welcomes a world ‘ First’ / Celtic connections inspire Capital Festival / Storytelling Radio Is On The Net / International event lifts profile of Glasgow stories / Literary links with European schools / In the chair / Have you heard the one about the moose? / ‘Life Stories’ get new Centre off to a memorable start / Make it a Day Worth Remembering / “Work as if you were living in the early days of a better nation.” / Pledge now to save the planet / Look ahead / Home And Away - Michael Responds To A Challenge / Warm welcome for Lanark’s latest attraction / Stars are born as storytellers turn moviemakers / Inspiring stories from Jess and Sheila take to the road / ‘Take it on good authority’ Director of the Centre, Donald Smith introduces new books

Blethers 12 - Spring 2006

Culture report sees bright future for Scotland’s storytellers / June opening for Old Town newcomer / Joyous role for Marita at the Pow Wow / The snail and the whale win book race for Scots storyteller / Dreams worth waiting for / An impressive ‘First’ for the pupils of Castleview / Audrey’s new CD links the nations / Changing role for Pollok Villagers: Unique project to focus on training as demands increase / Life stories will form part of national archive / Museums offer thrilling challenge to their own storyteller / Island hopping will aid cultural exchange / From Fife to the Far East - a thrilling adventure for Senga / Traditions and Skills Training: Something for all in year-long programme / Blethering on about books and rattling good reads / Scottish International Storytelling Festival: Crossing the water - a meeting of cultures / Council puts storybags on priority list / Double Delight: Oz welcomes Jess to festival as her books top the best sellers

Blethers 11 - Autumn 2005

Telling Tales of the world a capital idea / Celtic Stories prove a winner at the Waldorf / Now they are our friends too / John Knox House is Open Again / A very early learner / Midsummer songs and stories a sensation / Future brighter for Alexei / Prescription for Better Health / Gifts for Library Speak Volumes on Oral Traditions / Ever widening circles / A winning formula in Fife / Bi-centenary of Hans Christian Andersen / Scots pay tribute in song and story / Fitting legacy for teller of tales / A flood of ideas await ‘The Ark’ / How storytelling is transforming Scottish life

Blethers 31 - Autumn 2015

Stories Without Borders SISF 15 / An Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage / Developing My Storytelling Practice  / When Does a Storyteller Stop Being a Storyteller? / F is for Food / Amari, Immortal Valley of Story / Tales of the Old Woman / Keeping Alive the Oral Tradition / Step Dance in Scotland / Mairi's Musical Musings / A Song and a Brew / A Ceilidh Story / Book Blethers

Blethers 10 - Spring 2005

John Knox House Comes to Life Again / Web Site Success/ Meeting with a poet inspires life-saving project / Now we are ten – a thank you from the Storytelling Centre / Focus on Falkirk for national get-together / The Swedes have our words for it / En route to recovery / New Netherbos rises / All Scotland responds as Tell a Story Day numbers soar / Northern duo share appointment / Concert CD a tonic for Alexei / Stretch your skills and see Scotland as new programme starts up / Celebration of lives spent at sea as sailors tell their story / Tribute to Martyn Bennett / Borders couple win UK boost for woodlands project / Traveller Event Takes to the ‘Tin Road’ / Giving a modern boost to the Ceilidh scene / Historic setting for school’s heritage plan / Looking forward to Blethers Number 11 / A Waste Odyssey

Blethers 09 - Autumn 2004

Around the World in Ten Days! / Wild Geese Winging Their Way to Warm Welcome / Discovery reveals Centre’s link with medieval Edinburgh / Skye Box Reveals A Lifetime of Stories / A Tribute to a Young Storyteller Who Died in June 2004 / Agnes’s rainbow cloak will clothe you in confidence / Pupils projects create a light in the North / Blethers fans plans wise move on CD / Well Loved Storytellers Will Live On Through ‘Name a Seat’ Scheme / “More Please” Appeal From First-Time Authors in Fife / ‘Love Like Salt’ Project Draws Generations Together / ‘Storytelling Wall’ Gets Backing from Barclays / Viking Invasion / Scots quartet go adventuring in Iceland / Tales on the Tongue / It’s a Small World in Glasgow’s Village / A Song for Scotland / Festivals Bear Fruit – And More Forecast / New Tales Bound for ‘top of the pops’ / A Tale of Triumph and Hope / Millie is New Arts Champion For Older Folk / Sheila and Duncan In The Headlines / Day To Remember at Glespin / Let’s Try Storytelling For Peace

Blethers 08 - Spring 2004

Theatre of the Imagination / Magic Music and Mystery / Blethers Stories span the World / Duncan goes Global with his Traveller Tales / Programme proves a moral booster for budding storytellers / International Storytelling Festival / Books, Games and Mermaids’s Tails /A Signal Experience / Become a Board Member / Scotland Comes Alive with Stories / Andrew Douglas / Turning Into Stories Attracts Critical Acclaim / Orkney at Centre of International Project  / Villagers’ Glespin on the world map / Training is Tailor-made / Sibylle’s Lessons in Loving


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