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Blethers 15 - Autumn 2007

Festival Opens a Window on the World / Heritage / Global warming to tellers of tales / The magnificent seven / Day of Nostalgia as Phyllis Takes a Scottish Song and Story to Ontario / Ours and Theirs - a Celebration of Birds with the 'Travel Bug' / Glasgow's in the Lead to Let Storytelling Flourish / Centre's New Focus is Health Promotion through the Arts / School Goes Wild as Pupils Travel the World / Festival Fare Goes Down a Treat / Come and Experiment in Our Centre of Discovery / Short on Storytellers - But Much to Explore in Slovakia / A Summer Story of Travelling Folk / Where Memories Mean So Much More / Sheila for Hall of Fame / A Collector's 'Eleven' / Hugh Miller Inspires Project / Castle weaves its spell as Village welcomes Scotland's Story Folk / Heather and Her Harp Hit the Right Notes in Poland / Viking Invasion Continues as 'Sagalands' Project Conquers Frontiers / Kelone To Receive First Nancy and Hamish Award / Dundee Steers in the Right Direction / Medical Opinion Says Staff Are A Real Tonic