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Blethers Archive

Here you can download all past issues of our six-monthly magazine Blethers in pdf format. Blethers is published by TRACS and aims to showcase projects and initiatives by traditional artists in Scotland and further afield. It also includes reflective articles on the traditional arts and aims to foster debate within the storytelling, music, song and dance communities. If you want to submit an article for publication in Blethers, please contact Donald

Blethers 35 - Spring 2018

Seasonal Breakout! / Scotlan's Spring (Poem) / Young Traditional Musicians Learn Step Dance / The Tweed Dales / Qisetna - Talking Syria / Dialogue Between Music and Dance / The King's Table: Interviewing Jean Edmiston / Quality in Music Education / A Cultural Strategy for Scotland / Arm's Length Wrestling – Creative Scotland Once More! / Found in Translation? / How Old Are Stories? / Book Blethers


Blethers 34 - Spring 2017

People's Parish: Our Place, Our Story /Rachel Newton - Gender in Folk and Traditonal Music / In Memory: Lawrence Tulloch 1942 - 2017/ Farewell Welcome Stranger: Paddy Bort 1954 - 2017 / David Campbell - Orkney Storytelling Festival: The Small Festival with the Big Heart / Aaron McGregor - Nathaniel Gow and the Eighteenth Century Scottish Dance Band / David Francis - Connecting Themes at Celtic Connections / Wendy Woolfson - Out of Harm / Bea Ferguson - The Story of the Blue Butterfly: The Power of Storytelling with the Elderly / Bob Pegg - Film Review: Where You're Meant to Be / Donald Smith - Book Blethers: Spring into Focus

Blethers 33 - Autumn 2016

Traditional Arts and a Sense of Place: Realising Creative Potential / Enhanced By Our Diversity, Connected By Our Humanity / Dare To Dream / Chris Wright & Steve Byrne - Local Voices / Sam Harrison - The Sheiling Project: Re-Connecting People With Place / Fuaran: Cruinneachadh Ùr De Dh'òrain Ghàidhlig Le Fèisean Nan Gàidheal A New Gaelic Song Resource From Fèisean Nan Gàidheal / Traditions In Place: The People's Parish  - A New Initiative from Tracs / Pat Ballantyne - Playing For Dancing: The Deep Connection between Music and Dance / Caroline Brockbank - Ceilidh Kids / Shona Thomson & Andrew Ormston - Sensing Place / Claire Druett - Storytelling in Europe / Janis Mackay - The Storytelling Apprenticeship / Beth Hamilton-Cardus - My Storytelling Journey / Book Blethers: Stories, Stones And Bones

Blethers 32 - Spring 2016

Trad Arts Together / Mairi McFadyen - Traditional Arts: Crossing Boundaries/ TradFest Edinburgh • Dùn Èideann / Ian Stephen - Both Sides of the Minch  / Anne Pitcher - Kilbarchan Woven in Story and Song /  Morag Wells - Gifting Every Child / Douglas Mackay - Spirit of the Ceilidh / Ten Years Young / David Francis - Should We Be Professionalising Traditional Music? / Michael Williams - G is for Golden Moments / Mary Kenny - The House the Wizard Built / Daniel Serridge - Walk the Line: Getting Lost at the Border / In Memory - Colin Mackay and Angie Townsend / Music Blethers / Book Blethers

Blethers 31 - Autumn 2015

Stories Without Borders SISF 2015 / An Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage / Anna Lehr - Developing My Storytelling Practice / Ewan McVicar - When Does a Storyteller Stop Being a Storyteller?  / Amari, Immortal Valley of Story /  Tales of an Old Woman / Keeping Alive the Oral Tradition / Step Dance in Scotland / Mairi's Musical Musings / Book Blethers / A Song and a Brew / A Ceilidh Story / Book Blethers

Blethers 30 - Spring 2015

TradFest 2015 / Andy Hunter and Sheila Stewart Obituary / E is for Eyes and Ears / Enter the Fool / In Defence of Professional Storytelling / The Kitchen Ceilidh / Edinbal / The Rescue of the Son of Fionn / Telling it Together in Libraries / Book Blethers

Blethers 29 - Autumn 2014

Historic Independence Referendum / Once Upon a Place / A Welcome to TMF and TDFS /Storytelling and the Arts of Change / D is for Delivery and Dialogue / Storytelling in the Corporate World / Stories of Natural Scotland / Folk who gave me Folklore / Storytelling and a Sense of Place / Living Voices / Scots Patron of Reading / Book Blethers

Blethers 28 - Spring 2014

TradFest / We are the Storytellers / By heart - an Aid to Memory / C is for Characterisation and Coaching / Storytelling in the US / Storytelling for the Elderly / Storytelling in Prisons / Folk Tales of the Western Isles / Book Blethers

Blethers 27 - Autumn 2013

Once Upon a Journey / Sheila Douglas Obituary / Tales of the Oak / What's a Story / B is for Blogging and Breathing / The Science of Storytelling and the Storytelling of Science / Scotland's a Blether / Stories Allways / The Little Book of Hogmanay / Stories in the Land / Storytelling in Prisons / A Tale of Two Cities / Storytelling in Turkey / The Flight of the Golden Bird

Blethers 26 - Spring 2013

TradFest / The Storytelling Apprenticeship / The Inside Story / A is for Audience / Storytelling, Conflict and Trauma / Scotland's a Blether / New Workshops Programme / Multi-sensory Story Project / Excavate the World of the Celts / Tea, Cake and a Bridge of Tales / Recording Tales / Vietnamese Tales / Book Blethers

Blethers 25 - Autumn 2012

Once Upon a Story / Sheila Stewart / Directory Welcome / Support Your Local Stories / The Storytelling Brain / St. Philibert and the Devil / A Story Full of Blessings / Scotland's a Blether! / Living Voices / Travelling Tales / Acts of Trust / Legend Hunting / A Bardic Journey to Skye / Threading the Garland - Storytelling's Crowning Art / Book Blethers

Blethers 24 - Spring 2012

Europe goes Grimm / Trads Together / Directory Welcome / Whose Story is Leading in Regeneration / Blairgowrie's Own / Elma Johnson / The Joys of the Storytelling Teacher / Blethers from Burns / Scotland's a Blether / The Future of the Training Programme / Walking the Stories / Support in Mind / 2011 Just Another Year / A Journey to Tigh nam Bodach / Allison’s Tale / Highland Folktales / Book Blethers / Storytelling Diary

Blethers 23 - Autumn 2011

An Island Odissey / Trad Arts Come Together / Directory Welcome / A Working Group for Storytelling with Older People / Reminiscence and Life Stories Work / Connecting and Re-connecting with Stories / Storytelling in Education Today / The Petal Garden of King Shubash / Scotland's a Blether / Storytelling Inspiration Weekend / Stories for Wellness / Voices in Scotland / Signed Stories / Objects of Meaning / To be a Pilgrim / Book Blethers

Blethers 22 - Spring 2011

Connecting with Stories in New Ways / Directory Welcome / Storytelling Festival to journey across seas to ancient times / Gulliver's Chums / A man you don't meet every day / Storytelling Clubs at Church / Art gallery storytelling and music clubs / Scotland's a Blether / Story-go-round / A Diamond Jubilee - The School of Scottish Studies Archive / Electric Tales / An International Storytelling Festival in Rome / The soul is healed by being with children / Book Blethers

Blethers 21 - Autumn 2010

Scottish International Storytelling Festival / Connecting Voices / Directory Welcome / Tell-a-Story Day 2010 / Connecting with Stories / Here to Stay - People power the key / Forteviot storytelling group / The Borders Bards / Taffy Thomas: Story Gardener / The Stories on the Bus / Music, Verse and Stories / Loving and Leaving / A Winter's Tale: Healing Words in Prince Edward Island / Rosy Glow or False Dawn / Book Blethers / Storytelling Ayrshire: In the Land of Burns

Blethers 20 - Spring 2010

Connecting with Stories / Directory Welcome / Scottish Storytelling Network Open its Doors / Cape Clear Island Storytelling Festival / The Talking Trees / A Slovenian Journey / Festival Fever Strikes / Stories are the Greatest Medicine / Scotland's A Blethers / Book Blethers /  Michael Kerins - Global Domination

Blethers 19 - Autumn 2009

Storytelling Festival Celebrates 20th Birthday / Teachers Becoming Storyrich / Once Upon a Time in a Land Far Away / Signs of Our Lives -  Stories in the Air / Transforming Tales: How stories can change people / Stories: The Politics of the Heart / First Skelleftea Storytelling Festival / Stanley Robertson / Scotland Kolkata Connections / Tell-a-Story Day / Healing Words: Storytelling as a Pathway to Peace in the Holy Land / Stories on Safari / Scots go FEST/ Book Blethers / Janis Wins Kelpies Prize

Blethers 18 - Spring 2009

Connecting with Stories / Story Fest Hits the Mark - Northland and Sagaland / Inside Stories: Digi-Storytelling in Education / CHANTICA Patsy Forges Scotland-Slovakia links / Creating Creative Scotland / Angela Visits Pearl of Persia / Millie Shares Debut Author Success / Why a Storytelling Nurse Cares for Craigmillar / Meetign With Stories - an Australian Joruney / An Equity Ambassador Speaks / Book Blethers

Blethers 17 - Autumn 2008

Festival Takes Centre Stage / Puppets - Come out to Play / East of the Sun and West of the Moon / Storyboxes are Launched / Creative Words at the Big Tent Festival / Tell-a-Story Day / Nancy and Hamish Turner Storytelling Bursary / Storytelling For Social Change / Survey will point way forward for storytelling in Scotland / Storytelling for Health and Well-Being / Duncan Williamson: Ceilidh Man / Peace, Potatoes and Playing it by Ear – a Programme for Progress / Book Blethers /  Edinbuergh's Storytelling Champions / Stories for Literacy / Soup, Song and Story / Glasgow’s a City of Storytellers – Aye, That’ll be Right!/

Blethers 16 - Spring 2008

Scottish Storytelling Centre and Network Renews its Vision / South - North / SITA Stories in the Air / Best Stories / Connecting with Stories / Myths and Legends of the West / Duncan Williamson Ceilidh Man / A Tribute to Duncan / 2007: a year of Kindness and Sadness / Jess Brings Drover History to Life / Book Blethers/ Have Stories, Will Travel / Sleeping Beauty, Girls and Goddesses, Women and Witches! / Storytellers are Full of Surprises / CatStrand / Tall Tales Triumphs / Skye Action

Blethers 15 - Autumn 2007

Festival Opens a Window on the World / Heritage / Global warming to tellers of tales / The magnificent seven / Day of Nostalgia as Phyllis Takes a Scottish Song and Story to Ontario / Ours and Theirs - a Celebration of Birds with the 'Travel Bug' / Glasgow's in the Lead to Let Storytelling Flourish / Centre's New Focus is Health Promotion through the Arts / School Goes Wild as Pupils Travel the World / Festival Fare Goes Down a Treat / Come and Experiment in Our Centre of Discovery / Short on Storytellers - But Much to Explore in Slovakia / A Summer Story of Travelling Folk / Where Memories Mean So Much More / Sheila for Hall of Fame / A Collector's 'Eleven' / Hugh Miller Inspires Project / Castle weaves its spell as Village welcomes Scotland's Story Folk / Heather and Her Harp Hit the Right Notes in Poland / Viking Invasion Continues as 'Sagalands' Project Conquers Frontiers / Kelone To Receive First Nancy and Hamish Award / Dundee Steers in the Right Direction / Medical Opinion Says Staff Are A Real Tonic


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